Monday, 6 February 2017

Rogue Trader: Rebel Scum Part 1


So for today something a little different. I am an utter hobby butterfly but thankfully I believe I am narrowing down my range of interests! So at the moment, after a lot of LoTR enthused madness, I have sunk back into the lowly depths of the far future. I have decided to convert/build/paint up warbands for my games in the 40k universe. However, as I am a sucker for old-school stuff in general, I have decided to run with a semi Rogue Trader theme.

So far I haven't used a single Rogue Trader model, and I have converted every model I have done. However, I shall feed you my progress in bite sized chunks, so here goes!

Here we have Bruce the Beastman (very imaginative, but we will get to that later(on the left)), and Lord Alskandr de Chemy (on the right).

Bruce's original name was Broo'Sqye which was too much for ordinary folks to pronounce so De Chemy renamed him Bruce for short.

De Chemy, or by his full title: Alskandr de Chemy, Lord Inquisitor of the Rogue Association of Freetraders of the East Fringe Trading Alliance, the Collector of Depts.

The model for De Chemy is a complete mash up of different parts, from Skaven, High Elf, Dark Eldar and tons of Greenstuff!

Bruce is a bit of a simpler conversion, with parts from Dark Eldar, Chaos Cultists and Kroot.

They were immensely fun to put together and by the time I am writing this there are plenty more done and even more on the way! I shall try get some regular posts happening!


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