Sunday, 12 February 2017

Rogue Trader: Dutchy of Kalitzfornia Part 1


So here we are again with some more Rogue Trader inspired miniatures. The chap on the right as awesome source fun to do. He was based on a Foundry peasant. I swapped out his bucket with a barrel, and swapped his head for the storks head from the plastic Brettonian banner (something I've always wanted to do). I call this this new race Stawks. Very creative and imaginative, I know.

The chap on the right is a scout for my personal faction that I'm building, the Dutchy of Kalitzfornia, a small but slowly growing nation situated on the sparsely populated planet of Phobia.

He is going to be part of a unit of soldiers/peacekeeper (kind of jacks of all trades). I have plans to add other specialists, like perhaps a sniper, to pair with him to make a recon team.

The model itself is an old metal crossbowmen from a company that I cannot remember the name of. I  put a space marine combat knife in his one hand and a GW chaos cultist auto pistol in the other. His backpack is a WW2 Warlord games German assortment. Lastly, I used one of those funny small shields that came on the Brettonian Knights sprue as a shoulder pad, a theme that I would like to continue with the rest of this unit.

The Stawk is probably going to be used in some auxiliary position, maintaining vehicles and other such things. I used a whole range of different parts from a old WW2 20mm barrel, a Brettonian man-at-arms glove to an old Dark Eldar pistol.

As I've said before these were a lot of fun to do, and I plan to keep at it for as long as I am motivated!



  1. Sweet conversions!

    I shall have to make a model for our upcoming joint-project... I have some nice ideas, sadly they tangent John Blanche's disgusting designs...

    1. Hehe, no worries... John Blanche is pretty damn cool! ;D