Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Appreciation for Warlord Games


So for those of you reading this who don't live in either Europe or America... or even the first world then you might be with me when I say that there is always a worry that the products you order from overseas are going to get lost. And that happened to me recently. I had ordered several books and a boxed set or two from Warlord Games for my own nefarious reasons. Now on average it takes around a month for Warlord Games or Gripping Beast products to arrive here in South Africa with normal shipping. And that's fine and acceptable and its good for our delayed gratification. Games-Workshop usually takes longer as well as Wargames Foundry.

But anyway, I had ordered this stuff and a month went by. Nothing too unusual... In the past I have waited four to five months for something from Games-Workshop and around three to four months for some stuff from Wargames Foundry. So nothing too unusual.

Another month goes by. Still not too unusual but I begin to worry as I need the stuff for November and December. So that's two months so far.

Yet another month goes by. Now I am really worried, to the point of despair. I am about to write off the products as lost when I decide to try one last thing. So I contacted Warlord Games Support and they answered within 12 hours. I told them my story and asked if by any chance the order that I had had any form of tracking number or anything that I could take to our postal system to ask about the products. There wasn't a tracking code as I had only ordered with normal shipping.

By now I had pretty much given up hope. The order, if not being the most costly I have ever ordered from them, was most certainly relatively substantial, around 100 pounds. So I was pretty disappointed by that stage. Then I was blown away when they told me that they would send the entire order again to me, with tracking! I couldn't believe it! I suppose that's first world efficiency for you, or just them being "super nice". Whichever it was, they have most certainly earned what I believe is called "Customer Loyalty/Brand Loyalty" from me.

Anyway, to end off this modern day fairy tale, another order that I had made later, a simple 20 pound boxed set, arrived the next day. A strange coincidence to say the least. So I sent an email back to the support saying that that particular product had arrived. They were relieved that stuff was getting through to me and sent off the whole older order a few days later.

I am awaiting the order and expecting it within a week or so.

Anyway, this was just a little public note of appreciation for Warlord Games. Personally, they are my favorite producers of 28mm miniatures and I plan to continue to buy from them for many years to come!


And finally after that chunk of text, I thought I would just share with you all some pictures of my most recent project. This chap is meant as a gift for a friend of mine. She is an artist and therefore appreciates any form of art.

That's all I have for now!


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