Thursday, 13 October 2016

Llama checking in!

Hello one and all! So, I have been invited to join the adventures here on Magus Miniatures. I have been pondering exactly what angle to come from here on the other blog, and J. gave me the advice to just "say hi". Which is good advice. It is "good advice" because it was actually easy to do. Remember: Only dead fish swim with the current. Hr-hrm...

"You know, Bob Dylan got the Nobel prize in literature... "

Sadly, besides saying hi, I can't think of anything else than Bob The Hack-fraud Dylan getting the Nobel Prize in Literature. Remind me, if I am ever awarded the same prize for "outstanding rants and crappily written blogposts" that I need to decline their offer. Even the money, all those sweet SEK... considering the current state of Sweden they will on second thought more likely be dinares or EUR, but hey-ho.

Parts of the Nobel comittée: Hurr-durr Bob Dylan!

I am entirely sure Joshua will be dissatisfied with this update, but that's just how things go. However, to get things back on track: Except for the historical stuff, there might be some LotR-y things being posted here, even some sort of alternative stuff... you'll just have to check in ever so often to get some more info on that. I shall end with this hint-picture:

Cheers, and here's to hoping for a brand new hobby world!

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