Monday, 17 October 2016

Baggage Train


So I meant to post this last week or the week before but I just didn't have the time so here it is.

For as long as I've participated in the hobby, I have always loved the idea of "the Baggage Train". It probably stems from when I was around seven or eight when I (through many nefarious connections) was able to come every Thursday evening to a gaming club and "participate". This pretty much meant I could roll the dice and the guys would invent more and more terrible ways to execute me if I rolled a one (the one that comes to mind is being slow roasted on a spit over a fire). I loved it! But anyway, on to the story. So in those days we played a lot of 6mm and I remember that once in my sides deployment zone there where a few modular tents. I would ask what they were for and the guys told me that was where the damsels would "comfort" the wounded soldiers. I didn't really understand, but the idea of a baggage train stuck. So here is the beginning of a baggage train and some civilians that will hopefully expand as my collection grows.

First we have an old man and some pigs. The old man is a Dacian druid model but I mostly just use him as an old man.

Then we have the farmer, horse and cart. The farmer is a GB dark ages warrior conversion. The horse is from gods knows where and the cart is a home brew of pure Llamaresque! You can see the unpainted version here:

Tis a beautiful and well made cart... methinks he should make another and then make a mold!

Here are just some hangers on. You know, local village idots with brass chickens on sticks and such. These were actually part of a dark ages command group that I was working on but they have been demoted to "hangers on". The models are probably Foundry or Black Tree Design, whatever they are called now...

And here are some lovely ladies to "comfort" wounded soldiers. These can represent slaves captured by the goths or part of the Pontic forces as wives or other, less savory characters. I doubt I will use these in any fantasy setting but they should be fine for historical stuff.

I am planning to put together another small update that should be coming out later this week, showing the baggage train in what can be called "action".


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