Monday, 19 September 2016

Late Pontic Warband


So to begin with I have created two warbands to use in the play testing of the rule set that Llama and I are attempting to create. We both err on the fantasy side but for now I decided to just go historical... or relatively so. As a fantasy gamer I cannot with sense of sobriety tell you that this following warband is anywhere near historically accurate.

So the warbands are set at the time of the Gothic migration from up north, so around 250-270 AD round about. I am not entirely familiar with the time setting. Pontus was a Roman Province, or satrap or client state. Essentially under the influence of Rome as it was. Hopefully some time I will be able to get my hands on some Late Romans to bulk up this warband into an army.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pontus, I will briefly elaborate. The Pontic kingdom was situated in Asia Minor on the northern side of modern day Turkey on the black sea. Originally Persian it was Hellenized by the Greeks and then later taken by the Romans. The Goths probably began raiding around the Black Sea at around 255 AD.

This following warband will represent the Pontic forces in a small campaign I will be playing out over the next few weeks. The idea behind it is that it is made up of mostly levies and mercenaries. A force quickly assembled from local militias and other riff raff and sent off immediately to delay the Goths before the Romans could assemble their forces.

Pontic Auxiliary Centurion  including hornblower and bannerman

 8 Pontic Militia Spearmen

4 Levy Javelinmen

4 Galatian Mercenaries

The command and the spearmen where made using primarily Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warriors boxed set with head from Warlords Macedonian Phalangites. Don't ask me where the javelinmen come from because I really have no clue. And the Galatians are Warlord Celts.

I decided to add the Galatians at the last minute as they are the only unit in the warband that I would consider to be 'proper warriors'. And I had some spare Celt parts, and seeing the Galatians to my knowledge were Celtic, and near to Pontus, I thought I could squeeze them in as mercenaries.

I will get back later with some pictures and the explanation for my Goth warband soon.


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  1. Hello! This is exciting - and I can finally see the models in proper lighting!