Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Goth Warband


So here is the second warband. This time its the Goths to fight against the Pontic forces.

The thinking behind this warband is that it is based around group of veteran raiders encompassing beserkers and nobles as well as a few professional warriors backed up with a scouting or reserve force of levies. They represent around a single boat load of warriors, bent on raiding and plundering the area before retreating back to their homes with their loot.

Gothic Warlord including hornblower and bannerman

4 Gothic Noble Infantry

4 Gothic Raiders

4 Gothic Beserkers

4 Gothic Levy Spearmen

4 Gothic Levy Archers

The command was made using a load of different models with the warlord being pure Conquest Games armoured Norman, the hornblower Gripping Beast with GW Rohan shield and the bannerman is an old roman signifier with a converted banner from who knows where. The rest of the models are Warlord Celts and Gripping Beast DAW(dark age warriors) with some Rohan and late roman shields thrown into the mix, with the exception of the Nobles, who are made from Warlord Celts and Wargames Foundry conversions with more Rohan shields. No clue where the archers come from.

I will be adding to this warband in the future, fleshing out the units but for now they will have to do!

That's all for now, next up a batrep where these two warbands have fun slaughtering each other!


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