Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rogue Trader: Dutchy of Kalitzfornia Part 2


So here we are with our third Rogue Trader inspired update showcasing two more conversions. We have on our left, the Kalitzfornian sniper and to the right there is a renegade techpriest.

Both are quite big conversions on some more Wargames Foundry miniatures. 

So the techpriest was made from a Foundry peasant kind of nobleman guy. I used a multitude of parts, from a Mantic Games power fist, some chains (mechandrites) from Brettonian peasants, bits and bobs from Warlord Games Germans, GW chaos cultist and finally, a spring from my fencing epee... which most likely shouldn't have been removed... but... y'know... ;D

He was a bit of a menace to do... but he'll do as some sort of non high-level member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, or the Kalitzfornian copy-cat version of that most esteemed institution.

The sniper was an easier conversion, but still not easy. You see, this model was originally a halberdiers-man. So amongst everything else I had to kind of remove his halberd and switch it for a GW Kroot rifle minus stupid spiky bits. The original thought for this model was that he was going to be a heavy weapons specialist, but seeing that the Dutchy of Kalitzfornia is rather broke, he ended up with a lame anti-tank rifle and not much else. I am happier with him as a sniper, although I am still keeping to my original idea of him not having anything better to use other than an anti-tank rifle. So he is an anti-tank sniper guy...? Anyways, we can at least be sure that if he manages to hit something with his big baby, they are going to be pulp.

The ammo on his chest is at least as long as my forearm. High velocity forearms clad in metal impacting onto your chest cant be pleasant!

I gave him a satchel from some WG (hehehehe, I just noticed that WG (Warlord Games) is backwards GW... maybe these companies set out with the direct goal of confusing us!). Anyway, from a WG (haha, cant stop laughing) German paratrooper.

And of course the classic shield thingy shoulder pad (impeccable English if I may add).

That's all for now. More updates are incoming!


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Rogue Trader: Dutchy of Kalitzfornia Part 1


So here we are again with some more Rogue Trader inspired miniatures. The chap on the right as awesome source fun to do. He was based on a Foundry peasant. I swapped out his bucket with a barrel, and swapped his head for the storks head from the plastic Brettonian banner (something I've always wanted to do). I call this this new race Stawks. Very creative and imaginative, I know.

The chap on the right is a scout for my personal faction that I'm building, the Dutchy of Kalitzfornia, a small but slowly growing nation situated on the sparsely populated planet of Phobia.

He is going to be part of a unit of soldiers/peacekeeper (kind of jacks of all trades). I have plans to add other specialists, like perhaps a sniper, to pair with him to make a recon team.

The model itself is an old metal crossbowmen from a company that I cannot remember the name of. I  put a space marine combat knife in his one hand and a GW chaos cultist auto pistol in the other. His backpack is a WW2 Warlord games German assortment. Lastly, I used one of those funny small shields that came on the Brettonian Knights sprue as a shoulder pad, a theme that I would like to continue with the rest of this unit.

The Stawk is probably going to be used in some auxiliary position, maintaining vehicles and other such things. I used a whole range of different parts from a old WW2 20mm barrel, a Brettonian man-at-arms glove to an old Dark Eldar pistol.

As I've said before these were a lot of fun to do, and I plan to keep at it for as long as I am motivated!


Monday, 6 February 2017

Rogue Trader: Rebel Scum Part 1


So for today something a little different. I am an utter hobby butterfly but thankfully I believe I am narrowing down my range of interests! So at the moment, after a lot of LoTR enthused madness, I have sunk back into the lowly depths of the far future. I have decided to convert/build/paint up warbands for my games in the 40k universe. However, as I am a sucker for old-school stuff in general, I have decided to run with a semi Rogue Trader theme.

So far I haven't used a single Rogue Trader model, and I have converted every model I have done. However, I shall feed you my progress in bite sized chunks, so here goes!

Here we have Bruce the Beastman (very imaginative, but we will get to that later(on the left)), and Lord Alskandr de Chemy (on the right).

Bruce's original name was Broo'Sqye which was too much for ordinary folks to pronounce so De Chemy renamed him Bruce for short.

De Chemy, or by his full title: Alskandr de Chemy, Lord Inquisitor of the Rogue Association of Freetraders of the East Fringe Trading Alliance, the Collector of Depts.

The model for De Chemy is a complete mash up of different parts, from Skaven, High Elf, Dark Eldar and tons of Greenstuff!

Bruce is a bit of a simpler conversion, with parts from Dark Eldar, Chaos Cultists and Kroot.

They were immensely fun to put together and by the time I am writing this there are plenty more done and even more on the way! I shall try get some regular posts happening!


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Gondorian Infantry Battalion


So, its been a while, but hopefully we will be able to get some regular updates on this blog!

So I will just dive right in and show off one of the many projects I worked on while Llama was here. So for a while I have been dissatisfied with GeeDubb (GW). But I will not go into that here. Suffice to say that I was not going to directly purchase any of their products anymore. And so, when my hobby butterfly brain inevitably flitted back to LoTR, I needed to find some models that I could use. I have always had some problems with Peter-OvertheTop-Jacksons LoTR. Especially with the Gondorians. Yeah, they looked awesome, but I felt they just didn't suit the Gondorians realistically. Just looking at the sheer economics of arming all those soldiers is frightening, especially for a nation on the decline.
There really isn't any hard or fast rule, so this is just my interpretation.

In my opinion, the Gondorians would have behaved in wartime a little like the Late Imperial Romans.
I believe there would have been a core of heavily armoured troops (but still no plate armour) aided by a levy system, perhaps each province providing troops for the kingdom at large as well as maintaining a reserve, and being able to call up a levy in times of need.
These levies in my opinion would have been lightly armoured, to make it as cheap and as expedient as possible to raise significant forces within a given time period.

I would also imagine that they made extensive use of the shieldwall, fighting in a Nordic or Saxon style (albeit with more discipline in some cases). Therefore shields would have been a key component in the levy's military inventory. The use of shields in this manner would allow these relatively light infantry units to fight alongside their more heavily armoured brethren in the front line.

I will cease to theorize here, and perhaps save more ideas for another more appropriate time. So, here are the miniatures.

Gondorian Infantry Battalion

Comprised of an armoured command troop, two troops of levy infantry, a troop of skirmishers and the baggage train.

The Command Troop

With a Captain, Veteran, Standard Bearer and Hornblower.

One of the Infantry Troops

Levy Lebennian Javelinmen

Ye Olde Baggage

The idea behind this force was that they had been promoted from auxiliary duty guarding Lebennin (their home province) to one of the field battalions in the Southern Gondorian Army (no doubt after some particularly nasty clashes with the Haradrim!) As such I have avoided helmets wherever possible using caps/hats/hoods as a substitute.

Still, the Infantry are uniformed in the classic "black" of the Guard, although the blue hats/hoods/caps do lighten this up a bit and giving it some life.

Below is the standard bearer with the White Tree of Gondor and the Seven Stars.

 On the back their is a smaller representation of the Tree, along with Lebennin inscribed on the bottom (just in case they forget where they came from!).

And here lastly is the Veteran (on the left), second in command to the Captain. And the Hornblower.

Anyway, these were a blast to paint, and I really enjoyed working on the backstory and explanations. Llama also completed several warbands, which shall be portrayed on this blog at a later stage!

Oh and by the way, in case anyone is interested, the models used are Gripping Beast Vikings and Dark Age Warriors as well as some Warlord Games Celts and Dacians.

And last but not least, a snap of my next LoTR project, a Cavalry Battalion, using some troops that llama kindly converted for me! ;D

Thursday, 29 December 2016


Wanted to share one of the pleasant games played when visiting mr J.

Not sure if I should censor certain people's face, can't remember the policy on that one so I'll go with the safe route, but that doesn't matter since I still smashed him, if I recall this particular game correctly.

Sorry J, didn't mean to trigger you, but you do know I won nearly all of our games played.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Appreciation for Warlord Games


So for those of you reading this who don't live in either Europe or America... or even the first world then you might be with me when I say that there is always a worry that the products you order from overseas are going to get lost. And that happened to me recently. I had ordered several books and a boxed set or two from Warlord Games for my own nefarious reasons. Now on average it takes around a month for Warlord Games or Gripping Beast products to arrive here in South Africa with normal shipping. And that's fine and acceptable and its good for our delayed gratification. Games-Workshop usually takes longer as well as Wargames Foundry.

But anyway, I had ordered this stuff and a month went by. Nothing too unusual... In the past I have waited four to five months for something from Games-Workshop and around three to four months for some stuff from Wargames Foundry. So nothing too unusual.

Another month goes by. Still not too unusual but I begin to worry as I need the stuff for November and December. So that's two months so far.

Yet another month goes by. Now I am really worried, to the point of despair. I am about to write off the products as lost when I decide to try one last thing. So I contacted Warlord Games Support and they answered within 12 hours. I told them my story and asked if by any chance the order that I had had any form of tracking number or anything that I could take to our postal system to ask about the products. There wasn't a tracking code as I had only ordered with normal shipping.

By now I had pretty much given up hope. The order, if not being the most costly I have ever ordered from them, was most certainly relatively substantial, around 100 pounds. So I was pretty disappointed by that stage. Then I was blown away when they told me that they would send the entire order again to me, with tracking! I couldn't believe it! I suppose that's first world efficiency for you, or just them being "super nice". Whichever it was, they have most certainly earned what I believe is called "Customer Loyalty/Brand Loyalty" from me.

Anyway, to end off this modern day fairy tale, another order that I had made later, a simple 20 pound boxed set, arrived the next day. A strange coincidence to say the least. So I sent an email back to the support saying that that particular product had arrived. They were relieved that stuff was getting through to me and sent off the whole older order a few days later.

I am awaiting the order and expecting it within a week or so.

Anyway, this was just a little public note of appreciation for Warlord Games. Personally, they are my favorite producers of 28mm miniatures and I plan to continue to buy from them for many years to come!


And finally after that chunk of text, I thought I would just share with you all some pictures of my most recent project. This chap is meant as a gift for a friend of mine. She is an artist and therefore appreciates any form of art.

That's all I have for now!


Thursday, 27 October 2016

Logistics: Possible ideas for models

Those of us hobbyists that tend to get very few games in tend to focus on the building and painting of armies, rather than playing grand games. Whilst sitting in front of your models, painting in a concentrated manner, your mind is allowed to roam the universe within. Invariably, I at least, start to think of:

1) How did this guy get this very ornamented plate armour? He is just a lowly warrior.

2) Can this group of dim-wits really feed themselves in times of peace? Fine, now they are living off the land, but in peace time - do they go back to being peasants? Can they even use the soil, or are they living off of fruit in some back-water region?

Dragoons typically didn't look this smart when on a mission.

3) Logistics: How can the bad guy always focus on quantity rather than quality - the bad guys are often  portrayed as instant-gratification-barbarians, but often times they have huuuge numbers for the good guys to kill. The movie 300 springs to mind, not to mention the hordes of Sauron or any video game out there. Heck, even a contemporary example in Somalia springs to mind: Blackhawk Down where the hasch-hisch and kat-chewing youth and men were storming the Americans without any thought of tactic or casaulties...
     So, how is that the bad guys always have grand armies, how do they feed them in peace time - and more importantly: How do they feed them in war-time?!

The Romans used these, accordingly to someone on the internet.

This goes along with J:s baggage train-updates. Since this blog is more focused on warbands, I could go the simple route and just look at how outrider Dragoons of Sweden used to do it: Carry a bunch of provisions on themselves (in horse-pouches), live off the land, rob the enemy rural areas when necessary and go between friendly military stations or postal stations to "recharge" whatever needed be recharged, whether it be horses or gun powder or tobacco (that was later I think).

Despite the above, I would still like to list some interesting things in the baggage-train you could use to form a game around, playing pieces as well as for simple decorative purposes.

Simple reparations are a small warband's smallest problem.

1) Start by looking at the provision-things made by Playmo and Lego: Simple sacks and bags are easy to make in green stuff or in polymer clay.

2) Either buy from a miniature company some crates and loot and chests.

3) Stuff it on pack horses.

4) Stuff it on wagons if you can afford it - even warbands would use these.

Now you have sufficient stuff to simulate a basic baggage train or just some random loot. When dealing with the logistics of a warband, it seems you have to be a bit boring and keep it simple. As the picture above says: No need to carry pemmican or grain-thingies for the horses, no need to have a blacksmith to fix wagons and horse-shoes, and then no need for the blacksmith to have a bunch of stuff with him.
    Which has always been the good thing with raiding parties: You cherry pick stuff from the enemy's lands without the extra trouble of having to really occupy his lands.

But this should not stop you from doing awesome baggage trains, there are numerous reasons why a smallish warband would have that.
     My question to you, however, is: Did warbands bring along civilians and hang-arounds at all? As an example, historically they say that if an army consisted of 5000 fighting men, it was very likely that roughly 5000 women, children, "entertainers", non-fighting staff and looters would accompany the army, wherever it...

Entertainers often followed Swedish armies to 
the joy of all the Svens and Anderses.

... went. A warband I figure operate differently, I mean, a band of 20 men? Just out for an ambush or raid? Would they have any religious leaders, women or retinue with them?

A way to deal with this lack of interesting hobby-options in scenarios where you want to crowbar-in a baggage train is to say that it is either a skeleton crew escorting some loot back or something similar. Or that is plainly an escort for whatever.

I must go, late for something, but I shall end with the king or queen of logistics: The boat. And that comes from someone who has worked most of his professional life with logistics.
    Bye and until later!